Removing the tamper evident induction seal from plastic bottles, which contain products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, syrups or cooking oil, requires almost unmanageable operational steps: unscrew the cap, grab the little tab of the foil, peel the induction seal off and put the cap back on again.

For elderly people and children the peeling off of the seal is an especially difficult task. Some even desperately try to open the seal with scissors or a knife. This problem inspired TMI-Capital to create and develop the EasyCap which reduces the current steps to just one: push to open.

Just push the button to open 
The Easycap is made in one piece, an injection moulded closure with an integrated foil piercing system, in combination with spring hinges and covered by an in-mould label. The manufacturing process of this cap and in-mould label is in a single step and is, at this point, not different from existing standard caps.

The piercing system is circa 2 square centimetre and the hinges can move down about 8 millimetres. This downwards movement pierces the foil and it is pushed aside to create an opening bigger than the spout on the cap itself, so it does not restrict the outlet.

Thinner foil
Another advantage of the EasyCap is that the thickness of the sealing foil can be reduced by 50% compared to the existing cap systems. TMI-developer Luc van den Broek explained ‘Foil on existing systems needs to be strong enough for the consumer to peel off in one piece. With the EasyCap the consumer does not touch this foil. The thinner foil gives a significant cost reduction and since the foil is not peeled off and will remain attached to the bottle, it stops the situation where small pieces of discarded foil become environmental litter waste.

The concept of the EasyCap has passed the development phase and has already been successfully tested with a pilot tool.  Together with leading induction cap sealing machine manufactures in the US and UK (Enercon Industries Corporation)  TMI is now scaling up from pilot to mass production. Both in Europe and the US they are setting up the cooperation with Cap manufacturers.

Animation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XuNuU5cX_k


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